Prime Time Extended Learning Center

Prime Time is before and/or after school care for local elementary school students. Lowell Elementary students walk to and/or from school with staff. Other students need to be dropped off at Prime Time.

Full days are available when school is out for occasional holidays.

Prime Time has a low ratio of children to teachers and some scholarships are available.

If you are visiting, the entrance for Prime Time is the door leading from the parking lot into Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

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Opportunities for kids include:

  • Breakfast and after school snacks
  • Creative activities
  • Homework Club (with prizes!)
  • Outside play
  • Music
  • Computer and board games
Prime Time Director ~ Gemma Stephani
Prime Time Office ~ 253.627.2616
Prime Time Email Address ~


April - Registration open

Prime Time Parents Handbook 2013-2014 pdf.

Prime Time Policy Agreement_2014-2015.pdf

Registration/Emergency Contact 2014-2015 pdf.

Certificate of Immunization pdf.