Blues Vespers

Vespers Format ~ usually every third Sunday at 5 p.m. ~ but can really be anytime or multiples so please check here often.

Blues Vespers is music, poetry and a brief reflection. All are welcome.

The event is always free. An offering is taken for the musicians or if it is a fundraiser we will take an offering for that cause.

·     Welcome, announcements

·     Band introduction

·     Poem(s), introduce month's theme

·     2-3 songs from the band

·     Poem(s), reflection 

·     2-3 more songs

·     Silent prayer, offering

·     1-2 more songs

·     Blessing

·     Encore


Blues Vespers

January 18

Stacy Jones. Sammy Eubanks. Mark Riley



Past Blues Reflection

excerpt from Pastor Dave's December 14 Vespers reflection:

The Herdmans and Caganers

...There can be a lot of glitter and gold in the Christmas celebration. Angelic voices singing glory to God in the highest. That is all well and good. Yet for me, as a Christian, Christmas isn't about angelic voices but about God with us. God with us in the midst of our very human lives, where we do very human things. Holiness in the midst of the ordinary. 

So Merry Christmas, we celebrate the Prince of Peace, a real person, a remarkable person, God with us who shows us the sacred path of love and kindness, peacemaking and justice, not from a throne in the sky but by walking with us on the dusty roads of our lives.

Merry Christmas and Amazing Peace!

Past Blues Poetry