Blues Vespers

Vespers Format ~ usually every third Sunday at 5 p.m. ~ but can really be anytime or multiples so please check here often.

Blues Vespers is music, poetry and a brief reflection. All are welcome.

The event is always free. An offering is taken for the musicians or if it is a fundraiser we will take an offering for that cause.

·     Welcome, announcements

·     Band introduction

·     Poem(s), introduce month's theme

·     2-3 songs from the band

·     Poem(s), reflection 

·     2-3 more songs

·     Silent prayer, offering

·     1-2 more songs

·     Blessing

·     Encore


Blues Vespers

May 18 Blues



Artists Video/Media

Adam Levy offical website

Adam Levy facebook page

Adam Levy (stringjuggler) twitter


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Past Blues Reflection

excerpt from Pastor Dave's April 13 Vespers reflection

I grew up in a day where there were choices, but they were limited to a few options. Frank Bruni wtore an op-ed piece...about how persconal choices have expanded over the past twenty years. These expanded choices have maximized our ability to customze what we watch. This is a good thing in many ways. But it has a down side. With every one customizing their experience are we diminishing places where we can interact...We no longer expect that our neightbor or co-worker is watching or listening to the same thing we are. Indeed it is likely they are not. There are unique exceptions like Downton Abbey, Mad Men or the Super Bowl. ..There are upsides to customization, creating our unique viewing or soundtrack habit on this or that device. Individuality is great but what about commonality. The individual lens is wonderful but how do we find a common lens...I worry that we have fewer and fewer ways to come together and talk about stuff in part because everyone has shrink wrapped their lives to include things that are particular just to them...This is why we need live music - a place where people come to be with other people and meet strangers and have fun. One function of church is that it is a public space where people who normally would not know each rub elbows and get to know each other. You never know what gifts can be received. 

I am glad you have lots of choices in life. I pray you will keep your interests wide enough that you can talk to others and that you will not shrink wrap your world so tightly that everyone else is kept out. 

Thanks be to musicians like these who help create such space every time they play. 

Past Blues Poetry